Deal or No Deal. That is Not the Question

When I express an opinion
I feel pressure
One ghost shrieks: go with the flow
Another whispers: it’s the right move
I want to nail the deal but
I don’t want to sell out
Red says could you toe-the-line for me?
I say I can’t do that consistently
When I sit at my desk
I get the facts
I play the devil’s advocate
I never back off
Not until I cross the Ts and dot the Is
I have business on my mind
But I move forward one step at a time
Don’t get me wrong
I’m grounded
I know what I require
I know what business requires
Can you make this easy for me?

Of one thing I am sure
There are no shortcuts
It’s that simple
So what I must, I do; Now
And let the future sort itself out
Some things I can see
Others not so much
Don’t sweat stuff; small and big

When broad is my compass
At the right time, broad and narrow will come together
Pieces of a one mosaic

When I go back to my desk
I close the door
That was the lay of the land
And the particulars
I got the facts
I studied them patiently
Myself, I applied
Myself, I expressed
Clearly and neatly
With energy and guts

Plans cannot be momentary
Reason varies
Numbers are juggled
Behaviors are resilient

I cannot get entrenched; slave of experience and five senses
When a strong hunch stirs in my gut
Luck happens when opportunity meets preparation

I may have it made it harder for myself

This business case got the best of me
I had the principal’s best interest on my mind
Because I don’t only have money on my mind
Because one does not exclude the other
I’m in it for the long whole
I build institutions not castles of sand
I don’t look back

I keep walking

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