Lebanon: Private Initiative is no substitute for Central Government

I admire the Private Initiative of the Lebanese People. But, presently, the Lebanese are doing a Mistake. By trying to make up for the flagrant and disgraceful incompetence of the cabinet and claiming that we don’t need the State to rebuild, my compatriots are relieving the ruling class out of its duties and responsibilities – they’re allowing it to decompress the mounting Pressure and Public Wrath; they’re unknowingly bailing it out

Private initiatives cannot substitute the central government: Private initiative could not have solved the 2015 waste crisis. It could not have prevented the bankruptcy of the economy. Private initiative could have never compensated for damages from the 2006 aggression. If we have to live and die by private initiative, let’s stop paying taxes and rule our private fiefdoms

It’s about time we channel our capabilities in the right and effective way and to confront head-on, the root-cause of our endless miseries

I was brought up in the area devastated by the explosion; I have endless memories as I know every square centimetre of the area. Every square meter holds a cherished memory that shall end with my dying breath

I am eternally grateful for the private initiative and for those who are whole-hardheartedly putting in an effort, but, we DO need a State and it’s about time for a COLLECTIVE effort and a one GREAT and FINAL push. It’s time to channel the attention into the Right Direction

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